• Features

    Learn how Scoutt makes location scouting easy

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  • Save Your Locations

    Sharing your work with the community has never been easier or been more beneficial. Showing how well you shot your favourite venue can help you book future work at all of your favourite locations, while saving private locations you find on your scouting missions.

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  • Take Scoutt When You Scout

    Find a neighbourhood that has the perfect feel without driving around searching aimlessly. Using Scoutt on your mobile device can help you find a great starting spot and search tags can help you quickly refine your ideal location.

  • Find New Locations

    Whether you are a traveling photographer or a local, Scoutt helps you find new locations where you can capture brilliant photos of your clients. It makes scouting locations a collaborative effort that everyone can take part in. Save any public location found on Scoutt and organize your locations in collection folders to help prepare for future work.

  • Share Locations With Your Clients

    Having a set of locations prepared for a client meeting will help you look like the true professional you are. Want to propose a few locations for an upcoming shoot with your client? Scoutt allows you to send a collection of locations to your client for their review. Your clients do not need to be a member to review a collection of locations you have procured.

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  • Showcase Your Work

    Sharing your work with the community has never been more beneficial. You can get lots of work at the venues and exotic locations that you love, just by showing how well you shot that location in the past. You’ll secure more of the work you love, so that you can build your career and follow your passion. Each upload also gains you valuable SEO backlinks to your website or a specific blog post.

  • Connect With Other Creatives

    Scoutt is a great place to connect with other photographers and creatives, in your community and all over the world. We wanted Scoutt to extend your network of photographers so you do not need to know someone to find the location you are searching for.