• Scoutt has modernized location scouting for any professional that works on-location, such as event and wedding coordinators, location scouts, producers, directors and other television and film professionals.

    Use Scoutt to find, save, share and organize the best locations.

  • Save Your Locations

    Upload photos of locations from your Smartphone or desktop to save for later. Geotagged information including the location name and address will be automatically uploaded, making sure you never forgot where that epic location was.  Adding found locations into collection folders will help stay organized while managing different projects.

  • Find New Locations

    Use our community-driven, interactive map to find both indoor and outdoor locations. Search for locations based on a specific geographic area or use tags to refine your search. Photos shared with the Scoutt community have been reviewed for quality and relevancy so you see only the best locations.

  • Connect

    Build your network of photographers, locations, venues and other planners.

  • Share With Clients Or Teams

    Once you’ve curated your prospective locations, easily share your collection with clients or team members – even if they’re not Scoutt members.

  • Upgrade For More

    Upgrade your account for even more flexibility to help you save, organize and keep locations private.