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What is Scoutt?

Scoutt is a worldwide platform, designed to help you find, save, share and organize the perfect locations for any assignment.
Upload images found on your recent scouting mission to create a private map of locations you found. Heading to a new city?
Check out the worldwide map of locations shared by other photographers all over the world and share them with your clients for their review.
Scoutt connects photographers from all over the world to help ensure your next assignment has the perfect location.

I am a photographer
Find, save and organize
the perfect locations for any
upcoming assignments.
I manage a studio
Studio spaces, barns, farmers fields
and wedding venues. I have the perfect
location that photographers will love
to take pictures at.
I am a guest
Wedding planners, film director
and clients looking for the best
locations, venues, and photographers.


Whether you are a traveling photographer or local to the area, Scoutt helps you to find new locations where you can capture brilliant photos of your clients. We make scouting locations a collaborative effort where everyone can participate and benefit from each other. You’ll find it easier than ever to find beautiful and interesting locations all over the world.

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